Support & Reliability “The TEAM at Lectro Engineering is worldclass. They back their equipment up with excellent support” Versatility & Flexibility “We have a LectroTreat in our warehouse to put on new lines. They are easy to setup and we can run many different sizes and types of bottles through our LectroTreat machine” Durability & Value “The LectroTreat was shipped new on December 1985. It’s over 34 years old and this machine continues to be a Work Horse for us” Productivity & Quality “Since we installed the MTM Spin Trimmer for this line, it runs faster than projected and still provides a cut within our quality specifications”

Lectro Engineering has been manufacturing and selling LectroTreat machines for over 60 years

Since 1960, Lectro Engineering has been providing companies around the world with three-dimensional plastic surface treatment systems that are one-of-a-kind and unreplicatable by any other competitor in the market.

We have a wide variety of LectroTreat machines to fit your surface treatment needs, discover more about our open air cold-plasma technology.

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Our open-air Cold Plasma treating process is unique to Lectro Engineering and has been utilized in the industry for decades

LectroTreat machines utilize an “open air” cold plasma treatment system that treats small and large objects alike with ease.

Our plasma tunnel treatment system allows us to safely and quickly treat all surfaces of an object at once, with no unpredictable and dangerous fire elements or slow and precise detail treating required.

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Lectro Engineering Acquired by Private Investor

St. Louis, MissouriMay 18th, 2020 Lectro Engineering, parent company of Lectro-Treat and...

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