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Takeaway designed for Aoki and Nissei stretch blow molding machines.


Oriented containers allow integration of shuttle type blow molding machines for trimming, deflashing, leak detection, or robotic packaging for labor savings.

The primary parts of the takeaway system are interchangeable or adjustable allowing the system to be utilized on different size blow molders reducing inventory and capitol costs. Standardization increases efficiency within the plant.

The servo screw drive is quick, precise and very controllable. With the servo driven screw moving the carriage assembly, the containers are removed smoothly and accurately each cycle. The container carriage assembly rides on precision roller bearings for many years of trouble free use.

The carriage assembly is designed to allow container specific tooling to be quickly changed out allowing more production time. Your containers no longer just drop and bounce down a chute, our carriage and drop zone are designed to gently guide the containers eliminating scratches and static in the containers.

With our servo drive assembly, it’s very easy to remove and deposit just a single row of containers or double rows of containers. This increases the versatility of our MTM 2006 takeaway for great flexibility of equipment utilization.

With the MTM 2006, different setups are just a quick program change away. Optional recipe storage is available. Save a program setup as a recipe and then choose that recipe at a later time. This reduces downtime allowing increased production.

The 2001E has been a workhorse in the MTM line of equipment for years. It has been copied and modified by others but nothing runs like the original.


Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.