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St. Louis, Missouri
May 18th, 2020

Lectro Engineering, parent company of LectroTreat and MTM brands, has recently sold all assets, patents, facilities and marketing rights to a private investor, John Bliven. Lectro Engineering is celebrating 60 years of business this year and continues to be the market leader in large area 3D surface treatment for plastic parts, containers, and assemblies. MTM, provider of plastics automation systems, is a blow molding accessories market leader providing Spin Trimmers, Deflashers/Detabbers, Takeaway Systems, as well as other automated downline machines.

Mr. John Bliven will lead the new acquisition as the new President/CEO and will be relocating to Lectro Engineering’s St Louis, MO headquarters. Prior to this new role, John Bliven led the Hubbell Power System AB Chance division. In addition, John has held varying leadership roles with Square D, General Electric, and Areva. John emphasized that, “Lectro Engineering would continue to build upon Lectro’s reputation of creating new and innovative machines that are durable, flexible, and supported by excellent customer service and financial stability.” In addition, John Bliven commented that, “To support the new initiatives and growth plans Lectro would be expanding its workforce and looking to expand new product offerings. Lectro Engineering is making exciting new changes and updates, and is looking forward to the great work to come.”

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