April 18, 2024

Aseptic Container Trimming

Lectro Engineering Co. Inc.

MTM Systems the worldwide leader in plastic trimming equipment is always looking for the next challenge from a customer. In this case the project was to trim a neck to neck log container for an aseptic application. MTM has provided hundreds of trimmers for neck to neck containers over the years but this required special attention.

Aseptic blow molded containers are produced in a clean environment and remain sealed and germ-free until the filling process. In the blow molding industry neck to neck or log containers are an economical way to produce containers at very high volume. These logs need to be trimmed to separate the two containers but must remain air tight prior to being filled.

In this application the customer had designed a neck to neck aseptic container that required special handling of the log prior to trimming. A special “power infeed” system was engineered to provide positive feeding of the logs into the MTM 2025 Spin Trimmer System regardless of any irregularities within the log. This allowed the line to run at higher speeds and virtually eliminate down time. The tolerance to any number of variations of the log is the hallmark of the 2025.

Despite the complexities of the design, the unit is simple to operate with a minimal amount of adjustments. In an aseptic application clean trapped air sealed in the container can sometimes cause variations in the container or log length. The MTM 2025 Spin Trimmer is capable of maintaining controlled trimming while allowing for these slight variations within logs. Downtime for routine maintenance was also taken into consideration as the plans for the MTM 2025 came together.

Once the log was trimmed you had two aseptic containers that needed one final trim prior to filling. The MTM 2025 Spin Trimmer consistently delivered airtight containers allowing the customer to exceed production goals and keeping the end user happy.

All specifications needed for this application were met. The FDA and all international agencies require standards when the packaging of foods is involved. Every Spin Trimmer that MTM designs and builds meets or exceeds the standards. We understand what is involved in building a unit that meets “wash down” specifications.

There are numerous applications that require the expertise of MTM design and build team. In each case we will work with you from conception to installation and beyond.

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Lectro Engineering Co. Inc.

April 18, 2024


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