High Speed Trimming System


High Speed Trimming Improves Productivity by 23%

MTM Systems the plastic trimming equipment division of Lectro Engineering Company has come up big for a major player in the plastics packaging industry.

The goal was to increase trimming efficiencies and speed on a number of continuous extrusion production lines for handle ware applications. The on going problem was rejected bottles due to improper neck finishing and damage to the containers during the trimming process.

Additionally the line required a lot of maintenance and was turning out bottles well below their target line speed. Constant jams and the issues mentioned above resulted in the line running at 80% efficiency.

MTM has a full line of trimming, deflashing and takeaway equipment to handle any downstream application. The solution in this case included the patented MTM 742R Spin Trimmer, the 4000-6 Deflasher and MTM Gear Detabber. All three are designed for low maintenance, high line speeds and the elimination of downtime on the line.

The 742R uses heated blade technology which gives a consistent trim perfect for induction sealing. The unit reorients the bottle which allows for downstream robotic packaging. It can trim offset neck bottles and has the capability to turn out over 150 BPM in many difficult situations.

The 4000-6 Deflasher is designed for speed and accuracy, without damaging the container. Jamming in production is virtually eliminated and the 4000 will run twenty four hours a day seven days a week at 70 BPM.

The Gear Detabber is engineered to work with hot tails directly downstream of the wheel. The warm bottles pass through the detabber without jamming and give the 742R and the 4000-6 a good container each and every time. The Gear Detabber will work with cold bottles as well as warm ones.

From the beginning of this program MTM’s engineering department worked with the customer to ensure that each product line exceeded expectations. Beginning with the initial design through installation and training, MTM and the customer had one goal in mind, “keep the lines running”. Currently plant production for these projects are running at 98.5% efficiency and profit margins are up.

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