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The History of Lectro Engineering
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Lectro Engineering Company began operations in 1960. At that time, the LectroTreat three dimensional plastic surface treater was the only product available. Blow molders loved the equipment for its reliability, versatility, safety & high production rates. Most importantly, it eliminated the need for testing or validation for surface treatment because it had the ability to surface treat containers the same way every time. Through the 70’s and 80’s the company grew slowly and established an excellent reputation for building the best plastic surface treating equipment in North America.

Demand for larger container treatment and higher production rates from the LectroTreat were market driven. Many patented improvements where made in the LectroTreat process so bigger parts and higher production rates could be achieved. During the 1990’s with the emergence of water based paints and adhesives, the company began solving adhesion problems on different types of plastic parts for customers around the world in new and emerging markets.

In 2001, Lectro acquired assets of MTM Systems Inc and moved the operation from Oregon to St. Louis. At this time, St. Louis based Automation Technology Incorporated was purchased, making Lectro Engineering a one-stop shop for down stream blow molding equipment. Over the next several years, the MTM line of spin trimmers, deflashers, demoilers, and takeaways were redesigned and new products were added.

Customers continued to challenge the company with a variety of projects, resulting in patented technology for both surface treating and plastic container trimming and handling. Custom automated equipment augmented the LectroTreat and MTM lines, forming a synergy between the three divisions that would not have otherwise existed.

Today, Lectro Engineering is recognized as the world-wide leader in down stream blow molded equipment. To stay in this position, the company will continue its aggressive research and development program in all divisions. Unlike other manufacturers, Lectro has a huge inventory of parts for the thousands of units that are in production facilities today. The service department is unparalleled in response time and customer satisfaction. Keeping our customers’ lines running is the number one goal at Lectro today and tomorrow.

Benefits of Utilizing the LectroTreat Cold Plasma Process

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