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Chipless Trimming

Keeping Plastic Chips Out of Containers and Bottles

Keeping excess plastic out of containers and bottles is critical. These little bits of plastic can cause problems ranging from wasted product to health concerns for the consumer who winds up using the product. Brand image and performance is important and consumer feedback is at an all time high. MTM Systems understands this and provides the peace of mind solution used in plants throughout the world.

The MTM 3000 Chipless Trimmer is used in a number of industries including health, food, automotive, and consumer products. MTM has decades of experience and has addressed many chip less applications with great successes. All projects have their own special issues and considerations that make chipless trimming a difficult task to accomplish.

Most recently MTM was presented with a dual neck container that required chipless neck finishing. The dual neck container required facing for a vent cap and a second neck finish for a press tap fluid dispenser as part of the finished product. Chips in the container would present problems such as poor delivery out of the container or worse yet plastic getting stuck in the delivery system which would prevent shut off.

MTM’s engineering department designed a system that detabbed, deflashed, faced and trimmed the container at production line speeds. Millions of these containers are in use with no reports of problems. The MTM customer as well as the manufacturer of the finished product is happy with the consistency of the container.

In this case the 3000 was part of a multi functional trimmer. It has also been used in a standalone configuration. Line speeds of up to 130 containers per minute are achievable. It is perfect for containers requiring a smooth, flat and debris free sealing surface. For containers that can be rotated or spun, MTM offers a complete line of debris free horizontal and vertical spin trimming machines. MTM can solve this and many other trimming issues for any plastics project.