Lectro Engineering Is Recognized As A Worldwide Leader In Downsteam
Blow Molding Line Automation And Plastic Surface Treating.

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Located at 1643 Lotsie Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri USA

We area a faith-in automation labeling leaders responsible for an industry we’ve been pioneers in for the last for over six decades. By having created and achieved the most effective technology available today, we continue to create surface activation supremacy by using our proprietary cold plasma technology. Since 1960, we continue to serve and service 1000’s of Global Lectrotreat machines as well as MTM Systems… Continue To Be The Industry Leader Providing Completed, Customized Solutions.
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To earn and maintain this position, we have and will continue our aggressive approach to research and
development across both of our business units. Unlike other manufacturers, Lectro has a huge
inventory of parts for the thousands of units that are in production facilities today.