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When heat is introduced to plastic, it causes warping and shrinkage. The scrap rate using this method is costly and avoidable. Using open air plasma technology, the LectroTreat Three-Dimensional Plastic Surface Treater treats plastics without damaging the part.


LectroTreat is perfectly suited for the automotive industry. Millions of air bags, pillars, door panels, arm rests, consoles, head rests, visors, and glove boxes have been passing through LectroTreats for years. From the initial startup customers see an immediate return on their investment.


The savings come in a variety of ways that goes beyond the elimination of scrapped parts. LectroTreat requires little maintenance, eliminates setup, down time, and reduces energy costs. With the removal of open flames, the chance of incurring a workman’s compensation claim drops to zero. Property insurance rates are also lower when no open flame is present in the plant.


The unit is simple to operate and does not require an operator. Product treatment is even and repeatable.


This is a turnkey system built and designed by the worldwide leader in three-dimensional plastic surface treatment. Throughout the world, manufacturers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs by eliminating primers and moving to water-based paints for their auto parts.


Automotive parts treated by LectroTreat have been accepted by automobile manufacturers worldwide. It is the most logical choice for surface treatment in the market today.

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