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About Lectrotreat

For more than five decades, the LectroTreat division of Lectro Engineering has built a global reputation for providing its customers a safer, more productive and cost effective alternative to traditional plastic surface treating.


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Surface Treatment is a little known and understood technology. Most buyers of surface treating equipment do not have sufficient knowledge or expertise to specify and purchase the proper surface treating equipment. This gives surface treatment vendors more power than suppliers of more familiar equipment, such as molding machines, chillers, etc. To help level the playing field and ensure a sound purchasing decision, Lectro Engineering guarantees you, our customers, the following rights:

The Right to Maximum Savings

Lectro Engineering will supply you with a surface treatment solution that generates maximum savings over the life of the LectroTreat. We will engineer your LectroTreat solution to accommodate your future needs. Lectro Engineering will not trim features or specifications to be the low bidder.

The Right to Honest Performances Specifications

Lectro Engineering will supply you with specifications and performance information that is clear, honest, and in a useful format. All tests performed will be at levels that the LectroTreat can sustain over its useful life. Test conditions and all questions made by you will be disclosed and answered honestly, including those that may identify a competitive weakness.

The Right to Fair Pricing With No Hidden Cost

Your LectroTreat quotation will be comprehensive. All common options will be included in your quotation to eliminate surprises. Your quote will include costs for: training, support, energy consumption, maintenance, and Lectro chargeable services. Lectro Engineering will not raise pricing unless you request changes.

The Right to a LectroTreat that is Easy to Use

Your LectroTreat will be operator friendly. LectroTreat procedures will be simple, straight forward, and safe. Operator instructions and messages will be easily understood. Maintenance will be minimal and preventive maintenance will be performed with minimum downtime.


The Right to a Fully Integrated Reliable Proven LectroTreat

You will not be a “guinea pig” for an unproven LectroTreat surface treating solution. Your unit will be built around proven components that conform to industry and safety standards.


The Right to a Flexible LectroTreat

Your LectroTreat will be built with every consideration to accommodate your new surface treatment projects or changes to existing surface treatment projects. Personnel will be trained so that, in most cases, surface treatment changes can be made without additional cost.


The Right to LectroTreat Project Management and Communications

You will be kept informed of your LectroTreat construction status from order to delivery. We will work with you as a team in making the design and installation of your LectroTreat the best it can be.


The Right to LectroTreat Support After Shipment

You will be provided with full documentation including; safety information, installation instructions, operational instructions, part bills of material, recommended spare parts, maintenance intervals and instructions, electrical and equipment layout schematics. We guarantee hands on training, telephone support and onsite service. Spare parts will be available in a timely manner.

The Right to Partnership With Lectro Engineering

The delivery of your LectroTreat is the beginning of our relationship. Lectro Engineering will be available for any and all situations or questions that occur. We are here to serve your needs as quickly as possible.