Lectro Engineering

1643 Lotsie Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63132​



We off a full line of plastic surface treating machines that feature an innovative open air, cold plasma technology.

What started as one unique machine featuring an innovative open air, cold-plasma technology has expanded into a full line plastic surface treating machines. Please click on the links below to learn more about each system.



Forced air plasma surface treater for lab and small profile applications.

Space saving plastic surface treater for three dimensional parts, both oriented and non oriented. 

LT 2012

LT 2012 takes up 66% less floor space than the standard 12″ Bulk LectroTreat. 

Bulk LectroTreat

Plastic surface treater for three-dimensional plastic parts requiring no orientation. 

In-Line LectroTreat

Plastic surface treater for in-line or orientated plastic parts on continuous conveyor systems.