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Going Green. These two words usually mean increased cost to companies who are under pressure to adhere to new regulations and policies regarding the environment. In almost every situation when changes are required or recommended a company’s bottom line is adversely affected. Lectro Engineering, the worldwide leader in 3D plastic surface treating can show you how to be environmentally friendly and save you money at the same time.

The best example involves a major tier one automotive supplier. The company was using a solvent based paint on TPO airbag covers. A solvent based primer was also part of the process. The company had numerous plants using the same method for priming and painting a variety of air bags.

Using the LectroTreat for treating the air bags prior to painting allowed for the following manufacturer accomplishments. The manufacturer was able to switch to a water based paint and was able to eliminate the primer. This eliminated VOC’s in the plant and costs associated with VOC recovery systems. The entire line became more efficient as robots and physical labor to handle the air bags was eliminated. Maintenance of the line was reduced and in some cases eliminated. Additionally tax credits were given by the local government for the elimination of VOC’s in the plant.

When you add all of this up the customer saved an average of 25 cents per air bag. This is a huge savings that allowed the company to pay for the LectroTreat in less then six months. Production and profits are up in all plants that utilize this time tested method for treating plastics.

Lectro Engineering has been saving customer’s money for decades in a variety of industries. The savings can go beyond what was outlined above. Using LectroTreats in place of flame will lower insurance costs, workman’s comp claims and energy costs. There is no reason not to look at the LectroTreat to Go Green and Save Green.

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