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MTM Systems offers a full line of downstream equipment for automating the production of blow molded bottles and containers.

MTM Systems automated machinery represents the state-of-the-art in efficiency, precision, and versatility, while offering low total cost of ownership and are in use for countless applications around the world. Our custom configured solutions can automate the entire process–from takeaway and trimming to deflashing and detabbing–for a wide range of containers from any blow molder on the market.

Designed for high line speeds

Low maintenance

Eliminates downtime in your bottle and container production line


Debris-free neck trimming is easy with the MTM patented hot blade spin trimmers. Our MTM 720, 730, 740, and 2025 series spin trimmers will meet all your needs. They are capable of cutting a wide range of resins while keeping up with virtually any blow molder. The MTM spin trimmers are designed for vertical and horizontal applications.


MTM’s line of cost-effective container handling equipment includes modular takeaways, conveyor systems, PET line equipment, and more. We can custom configure a cost-effective answer to virtually any container handling challenge. Containers remain oriented and are handled quickly and precisely, greatly eliminating waste due to damage when compared to competing systems.


MTM’s 4000 Series Deflashers feature our own unique method of trimming flash. Using a combination of bottle specific capture nest and shearpunch tooling, the vertical or “upright” flash removal system proves itself time and time again. Horizontal deflashing equipment is available depending on customers requirements.



Exceptionally versatile, the 3000 Series Chipless Trimmer can be manufactured as a standalone unit to be incorporated into an existing production line, or supplied as an option for the MTM’s 5000 Container Finishing System, providing the ultimate solution to deflashing and neck trimming for those containers that cannot be spin trimming.