Automation equipment designed for high line speeds, low maintenance, and the elimination of downtime in plastic bottle and container production lines.

Our patented heated-blade spin trimmers deliver the ultimate debris-free trimming.

We provide custom-configured solutions for trimming, deflashing, finishing, and handling for containers from any blow molder on the market. MTM automated machinery represents state-of-the-art in efficiency, precision, and versatility, while offering low total cost of ownership.

About Us


MTM Systems can design and build your entire production line and will support it from concept through startup and beyond. Our decades of experience will give you the comfort level you need as your product passes from one station to the next, debris-free, and to specification in addition to the edge you need against your competitors.

  • High line speeds and quality trims produced for any shape container.
  • Vertical or horizontal bottle orientations.
  • User friendly for quick changeovers.

Revolutionizing the Industry since 1960


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