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MTM Systems has over thirty years of experience in machine design and manufacturing, mold making, machining, and systems integration. We have designed, manufactured, and installed equipment down stream from virtually every type of blow molding machine on the market. MTM machinery can be found in production lines worldwide. From the small custom blow molder, to large-scale multi-plant operations, MTM cost-effectively provides innovative automation solutions, many of which are patented.


Our facility is equipped with a complete machine shop, welding and fabrication section, and mechanical and electrical assembly departments. All of our machinery is designed using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software. Our precision machining and fabrication techniques ensure consistent quality and performance using the highest quality parts and materials from industry-leading manufacturers. Our in-house engineering department works to upgrade and improve our existing products, as well as providing engineering services for new products.


We provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week onsite technical support. Our in-house service technicians do what is necessary to keep your lines up and running. Each component of our systems feature modular design and can be purchased separately and integrated into your existing line at a later date. Our parts inventory is the largest in the industry and is your only option for getting “Genuine MTM System Parts”. We can also provide replacement parts for obsolete equipment, making MTM your “One-Stop Shop” for down stream blow molded parts.


MTM machinery has finished and/or trimmed virtually every container type on the market, including boston rounds, handle ware, squares, oblong, mouth-to-mouth, lipless containers, as well as custom or unique container types. Our systems provide for perfect finishing every time, reducing product loss due to waste. MTM also manufactures takeouts to remove containers from reciprocating, shuttle, and wheel-type blow molders. Containers remain oriented and protected during this vital operation. Our takeaway systems can be used alone or as the foundation for other products. Our newest systems combine the takeout and container finishing process in one machine, providing an extra measure of speed and efficiency. In addition, we can custom design and build an automation solution for other processes, such as assembly, scrap recovery, and quality control.


Not only are customers constantly challenging us with new container designs, but also we have extensive background in taking existing equipment and updating it to save money when a production line changes to a new product. MTM Systems has also rebuilt competitor’s equipment, giving our customers an easier to use, more robust, and safer piece of equipment that will exceed their current expectation. We take pride in designing and producing the best machinery in the business.

At MTM Systems, we take pride in designing and producing the best machinery in the business. Please feel free to browse our site and learn more about our products. Contact us regarding any questions or comments about our company, web site, or machinery. We are here to help you with your quoting needs. We can be reached via phone, fax, or email at your convenience.


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