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The MTM takeaway system consists of a main pivoting arm main assembly with integrated high efficiency vacuum takeaway tabletop conveyor. The pivot arm will rotate approximately 30° between the pick position and place position actuated with a pneumatic cylinder. The actuation has flow controls and shocks at each end of travel to provide a smooth and precise controlled motion. On certain larger series, 2009 takeaways system an end of arm roller bearing follower system supports the cantilevered load of the takeaway main pivot arm and tooling nests. This end support system relieves the main pivot assembly of supporting the full weight of the pivoting carriage assembly. The well engineered motion mechanism makes the pivot transition very smooth and bounce free at the end of each swing transition. A stainless bottom slide plate provides low friction on the bottles during the transfer.


The takeaway main pivot arm assembly has a rear anti static main plate assembly that will allow full platen mold capacity of the AOKI 250 / 500 single row blow molders. An anti static material used on the back side of our carriage promotes quick drops of the bottles eliminating any static cling in the tooling. The bottle change part tooling bolts to a pneumatic front plate assembly allowing for very quick and easy changeovers. The design of our changeover tooling mounting allows for some diameter changes for different bottle sizes, which in some cases will eliminate the need for another changeover tooling front bottle specific nest set; only minor adjustments in the closed width is needed. The design also allows for different blow molder cavitation if needed, simply change out the front drop tooling nest assembly as required. The takeaway system can handle any shape container, round, oval, square, etc.

Built into the stainless bottom slide plate, is a trap door that is pneumatically controlled. This manually controlled trap door allows for direct evacuation of preforms or under blown bottles on startup of the blow molder. A rotary switch on the main operator panel controls the reject trap door preventing conveyor downstream jams of un-blown bottles.

The vacuum conveyor utilizes a high efficiency blower system that will provide vacuum for all sizes of bottles. The tabletop belt has an open grid for universal vacuum distribution. There is a full length vacuum plenum concentrating more vacuum at the tooling open position assuring positive bottle evacuation of the carriage nest tooling. The conveyor is powered by a variable speed motor for start / stop functions. The variable speed motor allows quick and accurate speed adjustments.

The MTM takeaway system utilizes a small PLC with a monochrome HMI for easy operator control. The PLC will be used to control the takeaway cycle and interact logically with the AOKI Blow Molding System via simple contact closures.

Note: The 2009 Takeaway typically requires customer modifications to the blowmolder guarding for proper installation. This would be the customer’s responsibility.

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