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Plasma Treating vs. LectroTreat

Plasma Treating vs. LectroTreat While similar in concept, LectroTreat outperforms vacuum chamber plasma treaters by providing uniform coverage of three-dimensional parts while minimizing safety, energy, and productivity issues. LectroTreat Total uniform 360-degree treatment of three-dimensional parts. Evaluation Factors Plasma Treaters Total uniform treatment inside and out; also used for surface cleaning. Little or no heat added to the part resulting in no heat damage. High heat from inert gas can overheat parts. Parallel surface treatment of the part with electrical discharge causes no

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Flame Treating vs. LectroTreat

Flame Treating vs. LectroTreat One of the biggest disadvantages of flame treating equipment is that it often causes shrinkage, warpage, surface crazing and dulling of high gloss finishes. The LectroTreat eliminates these issues as its process yields an even, consistent surface treatment to the plastic part. It also eliminates any fire hazards due to having open flames in the plant. LectroTreat Total uniform 360 degree treatment of three dimensional parts. Evaluation Factors Flame Treaters Treatment only when flame is properly adjusted. Guaranteed 100%

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HIGH SPEED PET BOTTLE TRIMMING The title of this case study sounds like an impossible task. For that reason and others, plastic container manufacturers have not moved into pre form PET preform containers. Producing different containers from multiple preforms in one plant is cost effective. With minimal changes to a preform more than one size container can be produced which gives the facility flexibility based on customer needs. MTM Systems 740E Spin Trimmer was designed and built to handle the riggers of trimming

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TRIMMING SQUARE CONTAINERS OVERCOMING CHALLENGES TO DELIVER A UNIQUE TRIMMER   Glass and cardboard containers are becoming ancient history. Traditionally plastic containers have a round shape that is easy to trim. This is no longer the case as the marketing arm of plastic packaging companies and their customers push the envelope to develop shapes and designs to boost the products image in the market place. MTM Systems has been designing and building trimming equipment for these applications over the last several years. One

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NEW IDEAS FOR DEFLASHING Horizontal indexing impact deflash trimmers are nothing new; they’ve been used in the blow molding industry since the early 1960s. It started with the Ziegler design that eventually ended up in most of the dairy plants making dairy bottles. Variations spun off including the Brown BT1 and others. Even today the similarities are noticeable compared to the units designed and built five decades ago. Lectro was challenged by a manufacturer of a popular garden household container to design a

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CUSTOM CONTAINER TRIMMER CASE STUDY Plastic container manufacturers continue to push the envelope on their product as they sell against their competition for market share. Shapes and sizes evolve and present challenges in manufacturing and secondary operations such as trimming. MTM Systems works closely with clients on capabilities of trimming rectangular and odd shaped containers. Recently a project was brought to MTM Systems that required a clean trim on a multi-layered rectangular container at lines speeds of 45 containers per minute. Trimming this

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CASE STUDY – BETTER LABEL ADHESION LectroTreat Solves Difficult Label Adhesion Issue For decades the Lectro Engineering Company, the worldwide leader in three-dimensional plastic surface treating equipment, has been treating a variety of plastics used in the manufacturing of containers. LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and PP are just some of the plastics that pass through LectroTreat systems to increase adhesion.   There are still cases in which a manufacturer has a problem and the Lectro Engineering Company is there to solve it. In this

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CASE STUDY – REPLACING FLAME TREATERS LECTRO EXTINGUISHES FLAME AT MANUFACTURING PLANT Although the headline sounds like Lectro Engineering came to the rescue of a fire at a plant that is not the case. Lectro did replace flame treaters that were previously on site at a manufacturer that used flame to treat plastic prior to painting. In essence Lectro did put out the flame in that plant. Background Flame has been used for many years to treat plastics and there are a number

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LECTRO ENGINEERING ACQUIRED BY PRIVATE INVESTOR St. Louis, MissouriMay 18th, 2020 Lectro Engineering, parent company of LectroTreat and MTM brands, has recently sold all assets, patents, facilities and marketing rights to a private investor, John Bliven. Lectro Engineering is celebrating 60 years of business this year and continues to be the market leader in large area 3D surface treatment for plastic parts, containers, and assemblies. MTM, provider of plastics automation systems, is a blow molding accessories market leader providing Spin Trimmers, Deflashers/Detabbers, Takeaway

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LECTRO ENGINEERING EXPANDS PRODUCTION St. Louis, MissouriOctober 22nd, 2020 Lectro Engineering, parent company to MTM Systems and LectroTreat, is pleased to announce the expansion of their production in St. Louis, Missouri. This growth is fueled by the increased demand for automation equipment and solutions for production lines in the plastics industry. MTM Systems offers a line of industry leading automation solutions downstream of blow molding machines, including Takeaways, Chipless Trimmers, Spin Trimmers, Deflashers, Leak Detectors, and Quality Inspection Stations. Lectro has also added

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LECTRO ENGINEERING EXHIBITING AT K2022 K2022 – Hall 11, Booth F18 Day 1 of K2022 for plastics and rubber and we are excited and ready to demonstrate our LectroTreat LT2012 plastic surface treating machines. Stop by Hall 11, Booth F18 and meet Lectro’s president, John, as well as our Vice President of Sales, Greg. LT2012 Features & Benefits Wet Surface Treatment Levels No Heat, No Open Flames Open Atmosphere Plasma Low Frequency 50-60HZ And more!   We look forward to seeing you!

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CASE STUDY – IMPROVED QUALITY LECTROTREAT ELIMINATES SHRINKAGE AND WARPING IN AUTOMOTIVE PARTS When heat is introduced to plastic, it causes warping and shrinkage. The scrap rate using this method is costly and avoidable. Using open air plasma technology, the LectroTreat Three-Dimensional Plastic Surface Treater treats plastics without damaging the part.   LectroTreat is perfectly suited for the automotive industry. Millions of air bags, pillars, door panels, arm rests, consoles, head rests, visors, and glove boxes have been passing through LectroTreats for years.

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