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MTM Systems manufactures a broad range of spin trimmers to meet virtually any dome trimming requirements. All of our spin trimmers use our patented Heated Blade Technology for the ultimate in debris-free trimming.

Our trimmers are the industry standard and best suited for the trimming of plastic like PET and polypropylene. The entire line is built with safety and durability in mind.

Our 720 and 730 trimmers are low cost and portable which allows them to be easily moved from site to site. They can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of container sizes, making them perfect for a variety of applications.

The 740 and 742R trimmers are built to run at very high speeds and handle even the toughest off set neck applications. The patented technology insures consistent trims and allows for quick changes to a different container. The 740 series is PLC driven and will provide years of service without expensive tooling costs.

We also manufacture reliable, fast production spin trimmers such as our 2025, specifically designed for “log-style” (mouth to mouth) containers. This unit is designed for high-speed lines and can be built to handle virtually any log container.

MTM Spin Trimmers are bottle trimmers capable of trimming nearly any size container manufactured from virtually any resin, including multi-layer containers. Custom adaptations are available for many of our systems for non-standard container sizes and types.


Economical vertical trimmer for in line or hand fed applications.

730 Vertical Spin Trimmer

Vertical trimmer with multiple options for robust applications in line or hand fed.

732R Vertical Spin Trimmer

Designed for bottle orientation needs.

740 High Speed Vertical Spin Trimmer

High Speed Vertical Spin Trimmer designed for the fastest of lines. 

740E High Speed Wide Mouth PET Vertical Spin Trimmer

Dual belt drive system for precise bottle trimming and bottle drop orientation. 

742R High Speed Off-Set Neck Spin Trimmer

Dual belt drive system for precise bottle trimming and bottle drop orientation. 

2025 Horizontal Spin Trimmer

Trim virtually any type of resin with our heated blade technology.